Distance or Online Garden Design Plan

Final Plan Bernie & Oliver 2dWe can design your garden for you even under the current restrictions.   With our Online Design Service we can create for you a garden design plan without ever visiting your garden.  So, no matter what the circumstances you can have your own personalised Garden Design Plan.   Your Online Garden Design Plan will be professionally finished and will include all that you require to build your garden yourself or give to a Landscaper to build your garden for you.

In order to provide this service to you, you have to provide us with some information on your garden including dimensions and photographs.   We also askReshmi option 2b 2d that you complete a questionnaire which identifies your likes, dislikes, needs and wants.   After this  information has been provided we will develop a personalised professional Garden Design Plan for your garden.   During this time we may need to communicate with you to discuss issues, progress and options, but this can be done by phone or email.   So don’t worry about the current restrictions, we can help you have a beautiful garden without ever visiting your garden.   So give us a call and organise your Online Garden Design Plan now.   See the prices for our online garden design service on the following page

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