Landscape Plan for Planning Permission

Are you building your own house in Ireland?   Has the local  Irish County Council requested a LandscapeLandscape Plan for Planning Permission  Plan for Planning Permission reasons for your site.  Has the  Irish County Council imposed certain planning permission conditions for your Landscape Plan with respect to planting, for example screening, use of native trees etc?    If so, we can compile a Landscape Plan for Planning Permission for you that meets the County Council’s requirements. 

A Landscape Plan for Planning Permission which meets the county councils requirements, can be compiled for sites in Ireland using our postal or email service.   The Landscaping Plan can be organised with you electronically or via the post.   This avoids the unneccessary expence of site visits and keeps the cost down for you.

All you have to do for us to compile a Landscape Plan for Planning Permission for you is send us some information.   This would typically include:

  • A copy of any relevent correspondence from the County Council regarding your Landscape Plan.
  • A scale drawings of your site  (from your architect) showing the house position and outline, site boundaries,  driveway and parking  area, entrance, position of any existing planting which is too be maintained,  service locations (e.g. septic tank location) and levels (normally these are already on your site plan).
  • Information on the soil quality and condition (wet areas etc) and photographs of the site would also be  beneficial.

To compile a Landscaping Plan for your site, documentation can be sent to us either by post or email from anywhere in Ireland.  Based on all this information we will be able to send you  a professionally finished Landscape Plan for Planning Permission to meet your County Council’s requirements. 

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