Garden Planting

Garden Planting Plans, Planting Ideas and Planting Advice tailored for your garden!

Cottage Garden PlantingA new garden or an existing garden can be greatly improved by good Garden Planting and new Planting Ideas.  New planting ideas, adding some new plants, a new garden border or by renovating an existing garden border can have an amazing effect.   Garden Planting can often prove to be the most cost effective way of improving a garden.   At very competitive rates we can give you Planting Advise for your garden, give you some great planting ideas and/or we can re-design your garden planting.   We can do this via a one to one consultation in your garden to discuss your garden planting and planting ideas.   This can be stand alone service or if you wish to we can also, provide the plants for you to plant or if required plant it for you,  if you live in Wicklow, Dublin or the surrounding counties!    We have extensive knowledge of which plants are most likely to succeed in gardens in Ireland.

Choosing PlantsBeautiful Summer Flowering Planting for Great Planting Plans

Do you get confused when you arrive in a Garden Centre?  Is the range of plants available too vast and you just don’t know what to buy?   Have you ever compiled a list of planting ideas and plants you would like for your garden planting from a garden plant book and on arrival at the garden centre find that a lot of these plants are not available.   Has your garden planting become too overgrown or untidy and you don’t know what to do?    Whether you should keep some of the plants, prune them or remove them entirely.

If you have ever encountered any of these garden planting problems we can help.   We can provide great planting ideas including garden planting plans which you can complete yourself (Do-It-Yourself Garden Planting Plans) or if you don’t have time to do the work yourself we can do it for you (see Garden Planting Services).   If you do not wish us to design a planting plan for your garden but just wish for some planting ideas and advice, this service is also available.   We can visit your garden and do a one to one consultation with you followed by a a written report outlining what you should do.

Garden Planting Plans

We can produce for you a garden planting plan for any area of your garden, either aPlanting Plan - Schedule of Plants small garden bed or a large garden border, either for a new garden border or to renovate an existing border.   This plan will take into account your garden planting preferences and will include a schematic of the area to be planted,  showing you what you should buy and where you should plant it.    If it is required to renovate an existing border, it will tell you what garden planting should be removed and what garden planting should be pruned.  It will name all the new plants required and the quantities to buy.  The Garden Planting Plan will be created taking into account the soil type (sandy, clay etc ), acidity (acid, neutral or alkaline) and the aspect (windy, sheltered, sunny, shady, dry, wet etc)  of the area to be planted. The plants will be listed in a Plant Schedule which you can give to your local garden centre to order your plants if you plan to Do-It-Yourself.    We have a knowledge of what plants are generally available in garden centers in Ireland and can also consult with your nominated local Irish garden centre to help in ensuring that the plants on the list are available near you.

Planting Plan Layout

This Garden Planting Plans service can be provided by either the post or by incorporating one site visit to survey the site.    All Planting Plans come with a complimentary Plant Maintenance Calender specifically tailored for the plants in your plan.

Garden Planting Services

If you don’t have the time to do the garden planting yourself we can plant your garden for you if you live in Dublin, Wicklow or surrounding counties, either after compiling a garden planting plan or according to your request, if you already know what you want.   We can do all the work necessary to transform whatever area you have nominated into a beautiful garden border whether we need to create a new garden border or renovate an existing garden bed.    It does not matter how small or large the area requiring planting is just give us a call to discuss your garden planting.



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