Garden Design Ideas

Garden Design Ideas from Garden Design Dublin.

Garden Design Ideas from the many beautiful gardens designed by Garden Design Dublin.  These garden design ideas are in a variety of different garden design styles, from classic garden design through to contemporary garden design.    Garden Design Ideas can include a number of different features including: patios, paving, paths, decking, ponds, streams, water features, seating areas, planting, grass lawns, stone walls, fences, screening, pergolas and other features.   The following photo’s show examples of these Garden Design Ideas, showing different garden styles and garden features through the work of Garden Design Dublin.

There are garden design ideas for every type of garden, from small to large, city to country, contemporary to traditional.    Check out our gallery and if there is anything you like give us a call and we will help you decide how you could incoporate it into your garden.    Each garden provides its own challenges and opportunities and some garden design ideas may suit one garden and not another.    Choose the Garden Design Ideas which best suit your garden and make sure that they are well integrated into the garden.

It is important to ensure that there is enough visual interest in the garden to maintain it through the seasons even if the planting in the garden is not at its best, for instance during winter.   A sloped garden may at first appear as a challenge but provides wonderful opportunities to incoporate raised beds and terraces which in themselves provide great interest, no matter what time of year.    Eyesores like sheds and oil tanks at first appear difficult but with effective screening can provide opportunities to grow some lovely climbing plants.  Garden Design Ideas therefore often arise from neccessity and some of the most interesting gardens were probably the most challenging to start with.

When considering adding new Garden Design Ideas into your garden, for instance, additional features and interest into your garden, it is important to ensure that the proposed addition, be it a garden pond or feature, is integrated into your garden seamlessly and does not appear to stick out.    For instance you could make sure that the feature is settled into its environment by surrounding it with planting, if in doubt consult us to help.


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